Sunday, August 12, 2007

Three Awesome Apps

Here are some tools and stuff that I have been starting to use and so far they look pretty cool.

First, a little background: I am a software developer and I pretty much exclusively develop software for unix (linux and AIX to be specific). I also mostly use linux at home. When I need to I will use windows, but linux is pretty much where I live. Therefore I need tools that work well in the linux environment.

My main environments are currently a Pentium 4 notebook running Fedora 7, a home-built Athlon box with Fedora 6 and 7, and at work a P4 Gateway box running Fedora 6 and 7. On all these machines I use Firefox for my browser. Screenshot

One of the big annoyances I had was trying to keep my bookmarks synced up between my different machines. I've tried various solutions with limited success, but seems to have everything I need and more. It lets me import all my bookmarks from Firefox, categorize them with keywords, search them and publish them. There is also an add-on for Firefox that makes it easy to add bookmarks and navigate through them. screenshot

Clip, save and publish the best parts of web sites you visit. Kind of like saving bookmarks along with excerpts of the site. Clips can be categorized and easily posted to a blog.


Google has produced this app that helps you manage a collection of digital photographs. There is a linux version, but it is really just a windows app packaged with wine. I would rather see a native linux app, but as it is it works pretty well and does what I need. One thing that has really come in handy is the ability to upload files to various labs to have prints made. In the past I had to manually upload a handful of photos at a time, but with Picasa I can upload as many as I need. Google also has a web-based version of Picasa that is handy for making photos available on-line.