Thursday, December 31, 2015

Viewing LaView DVR Streams in Linux with VLC

I got the idea from the link: Use VLC to view RTSP stream from LaView LV-PB932F4 IP Camerabut the URL he used didn't quite work with my DVR (a LaView 960H series LV-KDV1804B6BP DVR). So I fired up Wireshark and looked at a couple of the streams and found the right URL's.

To view an individual channel I use a URL like this:


    user is the user ID to log in to the DVR
    password is the password
    name-or-ip is the host name or ip address of the DVR
    ch01 is the channel to view
    port is the RTSP port that the DVR is configured to use

And to view the "Zero" channel I use a URL like this:


In VLC I select "Open Network Stream" and plug in the URL and viola...